Pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and lush tropical landscapes await you.
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Tonga Overview

Tonga, renowned for its friendly locals and stunning coral reefs, is a prime yacht charter destination. Explore its unspoiled beaches, vibrant marine life, and secluded anchorages, making it an ideal spot for both relaxation and adventure on a luxury yacht.

About Tonga

Comprised of over 170 islands, of which just 40 are inhabited, the Kingdom of Tonga lies nestled in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean. This beautiful island cluster is saturated with endless sun, natural beauty, and awe-inspiring vistas, guaranteeing to exceed every expectation.

Drenched in sunshine and lined with white powdery beaches, Tonga is a haven for sun worshippers and laid-back travellers seeking ultimate rejuvenation. Steeped in ancient traditions and archaic island architecture, it is an idyllic yacht charter destination. Lush rainforest and vibrant reefs allow for rugged outdoor adventures, making it perfect for those looking to escape and explore.

The main island, Tongatapu, is renowned for its romantic ambience and laid-back nature. The harbour-side capital, Nuku’alofa, offers market stalls with fresh local produce and authentic arts and crafts. The Ha’apai group, north of Tongatapu, offers fishing villages and sandy beaches.

The Vava’u group is a premier sailing destination with snorkelling, whale watching, and sheltered cruising grounds. The remote island of Niuas and the lush, jungle-covered Eua offer hiking, diving, and trekking opportunities. This Pacific playground for yacht charterers promises genuine hospitality and unforgettable experiences.

Activities you can do

Whale Watching
Whale Watching

Reasons to Visit

Diving Adventures
Hiking Trails
Hidden Sea Caves
Market Shopping
Friendly Local People
Idyllic Beaches

Important Information

Tonga offers several yacht docking facilities, with the primary one located at Nuku’alofa on the island of Tongatapu, which can accommodate up to 50 yachts. This bustling harbour is surrounded by vibrant markets, lush plantations, and historic sites. The main reasons for yachting in Tonga include exploring the untouched beauty of its islands, diving in pristine coral reefs, and experiencing the warm hospitality of the locals.

Dining in Tonga is a delightful blend of high-end restaurants and authentic local eateries. Popular high-end spots include Friends Café and Little Italy Hotel & Restaurant in Nuku’alofa, known for their exquisite international cuisine and elegant ambiance. For a taste of local flavours, visitors often head to Tongan Feast at Oholei Beach, just a short drive from the port, where they can enjoy traditional dishes like lu pulu and ota ika.

These restaurants are conveniently located within 10-15 minutes from the main ports, making them easily accessible for yacht charter guests. With its diverse culinary scene and stunning natural beauty, Tonga is a paradise for those looking to charter a yacht and enjoy a unique, immersive experience.



Luxurious Resorts with Beach Access: Offering stunning ocean views and private beaches.
Modern Marinas: Equipped with essential facilities for yachts, including fuel, water, and electricity.
Local Markets: Fresh produce, handcrafted items, and authentic Tongan souvenirs.
Adventure Sports: Diving, snorkelling, kayaking, and whale watching tours.
Cultural Experiences: Traditional Tongan feasts, dance performances, and ancient archaeological sites.


Ha'atafu Beach: 20 minutes from Nuku’alofa, known for its pristine white sands.
Fafa Island Beach: 30 minutes from the main town, ideal for relaxation and snorkelling.
Pangaimotu Island Beach: 10 minutes from Nuku’alofa, famous for its shipwreck dive spot.


Fua'amotu Airport: 22 km to Nuku'alofa Port
Vava'u Airport: 10 km to Neiafu Port
Lifuka Island Airport: 5 km to Pangai Port
Niuatoputapu Airport: 3 km to Falehau Port

Train Station

Nuku'alofa Port: South
Neiafu Port: North
Pangai Port: North
Falehau Port: North

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