Northwest America

Majestic mountains and lush forests define this serene, picturesque region.
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Northwest America Overview

Northwest America, renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, offers breathtaking coastlines, lush forests, and vibrant cities. A yacht charter here provides an unforgettable experience, exploring the scenic beauty of Puget Sound, the rugged charm of the San Juan Islands, and the bustling waterfronts of Seattle and Portland.

About Northwest America

The intricate coastline of Northwest America encompasses the haunting allure of Alaska, the sheltered coves of the Pacific Northwest, year-round sailing in San Francisco Bay, and sun-drenched beaches in California. Astounding landscapes, tranquil waters, and a rich combination of cultures make for an unforgettable luxury yacht charter. Alaska offers a unique luxury charter vacation with both motor yachts and sailing yachts increasingly drawn here.

With most of the coastline from Alaska to British Columbia inaccessible by road, you can enjoy this intimate setting from your superyacht in ultimate serenity. Weave along the majestic Inside Passage, gazing upon the spectacular scenery of blue waters and snow-capped mountains. The Pacific Northwest offers fantastic cruising grounds, with the San Juan Islands being among the most popular.

Dubbed the Virgin Islands of the North, the San Juan Islands feature an archipelago of 200 islands with abundant wildlife reserves and marine parks. For sun-seekers, a visit to the sun-kissed beaches of California is a must, where you can explore the “aquarium of the world.” Northwest America offers a diverse yacht charter, from admiring elusive wildlife to exploring sun-drenched coves and spectacular glaciers.

Activities you can do

Whale Watching
Whale Watching
Birdwatching, Sightseeing, Wildlife Watching, Wildlife Spotting

Reasons to Visit

Marine Life
Beautiful Beaches

Important Information

Northwest America offers excellent docking facilities for yachts, with major ports like Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver providing ample berths. These locations are surrounded by bustling cityscapes and stunning natural beauty, making them ideal for yacht charter enthusiasts. The primary reasons for yachting in Northwest America include the breathtaking landscapes, from the serene fjords and lush forests to the majestic mountains and vibrant marine life.

Dining in Northwest America is a culinary delight. High-end restaurants like Canlis in Seattle and Gary Danko in San Francisco offer exquisite dining experiences with gourmet cuisine. Authentic local spots, such as Pike Place Market in Seattle or Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, serve fresh seafood and regional specialties.

These dining venues are conveniently located near popular ports, ensuring that yacht charter guests can easily indulge in the local culinary scene. Chartering a yacht in Northwest America provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore diverse landscapes while enjoying world-class dining and the region’s unique charm.



Modern Marinas: Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, services, and repair stations.
Scenic Hiking Trails: Winding through forests, mountains, and along the rugged coastline.
Wildlife Excursions: Guided tours to see whales, eagles, and other native species.
Gourmet Dining: A variety of high-end restaurants and local eateries offering fresh seafood and regional cuisine.
Cultural Attractions: Museums, galleries, and historic sites showcasing the rich heritage of the area.


Cannon Beach: Iconic and scenic, 15 minutes from downtown Cannon Beach.
Alki Beach: Urban beach in Seattle, 20 minutes from downtown.
Ruby Beach: Remote and rugged, 45 minutes from Forks.


Seattle-Tacoma International Airport: 19 km to Bell Harbor Marina
Portland International Airport: 16 km to Riverplace Marina
Vancouver International Airport: 15 km to Coal Harbour Marina
Anchorage International Airport: 10 km to Seward Boat Harbor
Victoria International Airport: 26 km to Victoria Harbour Marina

Train Station

Bell Harbor Marina: West
Riverplace Marina: West
Coal Harbour Marina: North
Seward Boat Harbor: North
Victoria Harbour Marina: West

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